09 June 2015

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

"Park's open bitches enjoy yo' selves, it's a party!"
It's hard to believe that almost 12 years ago The Park opened and for the first time ever, we saw the closest thing to real-life dinosaurs. Now the World will see Dinosaurs Rule the Earth once more. So with that, welcome to When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth week!
Yup that'll do.
Triceratops wins: Fatality

I'd like to go way back into dinosaur cinema, some cult dino flicks, maybe even a few dino games. But first why dinosaurs are near and dear to me

Dinosaurs were what got me on my path in the first place. It was the first epic Vs battle I would ever see in print. I scanned every book for some of dinosaur on dinosaur combat like the Triceratops squared up against a carnivore like the T-Rex, the gorier the picture the better. Later there would be a special dinosaur exhibit at a nearby science center with moving dinosaurs. This was a trend for some time, even seeing an exhibit once in Hawaii. At the time having a near scale T-Rex stare you down only to move and bellow at you was enough to make you want to bolt for the exit. Ah, good times. That said, the new dino for Jurassic World looks most interesting indeed. Take a peek:

Devil Dinosaur indeed...
Hey Marvel! Here's one you missed!
If that isn't a whole 20 feet of Genetically engineered Nope. I don't know what is. Oh wait, yes I do. A trio of movies called Carnosaur. These are up on the list, as well as some stop motion classics from the Harryhausen days. But Jurassic Park definitely set the bar that every film after it aspired (and often failed) to live up to. Capcom even attempted to cash in on the craze later with their dino-survival horror series Dino Crisis, both it and it's sequel were highly enjoyable (and highly beatable after a point like most of the Resident Evil series).
If ever there were a turning point in which dinosaurs became cool again and hit the mainstream, it would be thanks to Crichton's Jurassic Park.

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