09 December 2011

Heavy deconstruction

Hi all, I know I haven't updated nearly at all lately... I do have big plans here, I plan on reposting my work I've done for the Seattle ZomBcon this past year and I've got tons of material to review, tons of new authors to discuss, lots more zombie related mayhem and I plan on expanding this blog outside my usual postings on the living dead to classic horror and the monster movies that I love oh so much. There will be much retro goodness appearing here too, as is I find myself late to stumble onto things until well after they're done being cool or hold most things nostalgic near and dear to my heart... expect some classic video game reviews, I'll dig out some classic novels and comic books and offer up my opinion on them.
Finding adequate employment in this economy as well as looking after my own demon spawn takes up much of my time but I will try and focus my creative efforts to this project. So if you've stuck with me til now, I appreciate it; just hang tough because from here it only gets better!
I promise!
Your humble narrator,
Shadow Jerusalem
AKA Marshall Popham, the guy dragging his knuckles across the keyboard for your reading pleasure

26 August 2011


Greetings boils and ghouls, Shadow here. Many apologies in the lackluster amount of postings around here lately. As the summer starts drawing to a close and after the annual Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk in Fremont my attentions have been focused on updating the website for ZomBcon. [www.zombcon.com]
Some of the updates I've done for the website
-Red white and dead videos
-Dead West
-Zombie Safehouse competition

I'm too lazy to link everything at the moment but i will later. I have lots of projects in various stages of developments, drafting, design and editing... the latest creative endeavor I've embarked on is related to Steven Schlozman's Zombie Autopsies... other than that it's been all journalism, not much in the creative realm aside from my newly confirmed theory of infection... more on this later... just wanted to drop a line to say I still live and that when I come back there's going to be tons of stuff...

and possibly register a domain name of my own...

28 June 2011

Zombie Attack Hoodie

This is the coolest hoodie ever from ThinkGeek

...and it's mine! Happy birthday to me! Mwahaha

02 May 2011

Bugging Out

In any disaster situation you may need to Bug Out of your current location and seek alternative shelter elsewhere, this may be your cabin off in the mountains or it could be a public shelter fortified against the onslaught.
Postings have been scarce lately, for that I apologize. Life has been getting more interesting as of late: my wee one has started walking and is making life fun and exciting, I've been seeking new employment and my work for ZomBcon has started taking off... I'm in the midst of conducting several simultaneous interviews with many well-known names in the zombie genre.

01 April 2011


I've had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Schlozman last year at ZomBcon. I recently was given a preview copy of this book and I can safely say without a doubt, it is AWESOME.

28 March 2011

An ode to the baseball bat

There's always been a bit of special place in my heart for an unsung hero in the choices of zombie dispatch, and that's the good old fashioned baseball bat. If you're lacking in a weapon, many homes and small businesses keep one handy. Anyone can handle a bat, regardless of age or experience (you don't need to be a young million-dollar contracted athlete to wield one effectively). Sure it's flawed and it'll more than likely shatter or bend at the most inopportune moment (Murphy strikes again) but not with this beauty!

After a demonstration like that I am proud to have one of these in my arsenal. Some slight modification like griptape and a wrist loop and it'll be perfect.

24 February 2011

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me...


If you were forced to live out your days at sea then this would be the way to do it. I'm just not too sure about using zombies to fuel your stoves.

The Zombie Survival Sheet

This image is more or less a decent template for outfitting yourself for the Apocalypse... fun at that too!
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

23 February 2011

Nature's Zombies

Truth as they say. is stranger than fiction. Here's nature's proof of zombies in these video clips. 

Ant zombies

Infected crickets

Snail zombies!

19 February 2011

Dead Island and Tiger Mothers

If you've been out in the woods away from your iPhone and civilization the last week then you may have missed the debut of a trailer of the new zombie game from Deep Silver games.

Here's the trailer 'reversed' or rather in chronological order:

As a new parent this trailer scares me. Zombies used to scare me but now the thought of anything happening to my family scares me more then the walking dead do.

On that note zombie combat Manual author Roger Ma wrote an interesting article regarding the parenting method known as Tiger Mothering and zombie survival which can be found here.

Never say die...

So I've been struggling with a few things as of late...
1) keeping this blog as pure research and ignoring the fan culture
2) keeping a writing schedule
3) keeping up with my wee one as she's learning to walk

That and this winter has been sucking the creative energy right out of me. So with that in mind I'm going to open this up a bit more and start doing more fun articles. The research is great but it involves much more thought and time invested to do work... so with that in mind I'll be posting some of my latest exploits. I've been on 'vacation' in Fortune City, Nevada and I took a trip back to an old doctor friend of mine at West Mansion. And wouldn't you know it, on my trips I ran into zombies. Lots of 'em. Imagine that? But I escaped more or less unscathed and learned a few interesting pieces of information along the way. Stay tuned!

18 January 2011

VIDEO: Immersion - Zombie Headshots (Season Finale)

Ever wonder what it's like to have to pick up a weapon and pull off a headshot? Watch below! Originally posted by Zedword (The Zed Word: Zombie Blog)