04 December 2012

2012 - Made To Suffer

Michonne stands her ground against the horde,
much like I've had to endure my own onslaught
So I said about a month back I would offer an explanation as to my extended hiatus, well here it is in semi-story form.
Earlier this year I started going back to school, at the same time I finally found gainful employment for the first time since my daughter was born (which was May in 2010). As a result this put a serious strain on my at-the-time current relationship, in short things went south. In fact they went about as horribly as they possibly could and I've been crawling my way back from Hell since. I know people fall in and out of love a lot, I'm not exception, but this one was REAL bad... accusations and allegations were a'flying and so were angry spiteful words from both sides... but that's all they ever were, just words. In the end it left me without my daughter and no way to see her or contact her until the end of September when I was granted the ability to see her. Unfortunately that didn't happen until last Friday for the first time in 4 months which was bittersweet. So here's hoping that this week I get another chance to visit with her.
It's funny though that even in the midst of disaster there can be pieces of calm to be found, that even on a battlefield love can bloom as Solid Snake once said. When I reentered the workforce I made friends with a great crew of people at my new job. One of them just so happened to be a woman.
One day out of the blue she asks me what I thought was the million dollar question, "Do you like zombies? Do you watch The Walking Dead?" My jaw dropped, I was in love. Turns out we shared quite a bit in common in addition to an affinity for zombies and horror. So amidst a veritable shitstorm, I found something worthwhile and meaningful in another person, and one who can stand to be around me and actually enjoys some of the same things I do. With that in mind, I've been showing her all the horror movies she can stand and we finished up the mid-season finale of Walking Dead on Sunday. Her own creative talents have inspired me to get this heap up and running again. So with that said, here I sit writing all this out.
It's also worth noting here that I just noticed yesterday that all my previous journalism work I did for an ill-fated zombie convention is no longer online, so that just means I need to repost it all here (which I had already intended on but now have motivation for having kept all the original files on my computer).
I intend on having her offer up some insight into the reviews I post here not only as my girlfriend and partner in crime but as a budding female horror aficionado as well. 2012 may not have turned to be as Apocalyptic as some groups previously thought (but who knows, we'll find in 17 days I guess) but it was cataclysmic enough for me, having found her was and has been the only thing keeping me off the brink of my own self destruction at the insanity of it all; so here's to ending the year on a positive enough note and to a brighter future in 2013.
That said, who's looking forward to the return of Walking Dead in February? I know I sure am! This season didn't dick us around nearly as badly as Season Two did I felt, I'm sure the second half will be just as good or better I'm hoping. Cheers all, I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween, a gluttonous Thanksgiving among family and friends and here's wishing you all a holly jolly Merry-fucking Christmas and a prosperous New Year. So until next time (which will be very frigging soon, sooner than before I promise!!), keep vigilant and always remember to save that last bullet for yourself.
-Shadow Jerusalem

30 October 2012

Devil's Night Greeting Card

Here's to Devil's Night... my new favorite holiday... sorry postings have been sparse all... explanation will be coming soon
RIP Brandon Lee
A Devil's Night greeting card for all the Dead Souls out there

17 July 2012

What is the difference between justice...and Punishment?

This video premiered at this years San Diego comic-con and if it truly is just a taste of things to come from this series, I'm all fucking for it. This is the character I grew up with right here, brutal, no-bullshit, no-nonsense, ultraviolent and as black and white as they come. Very NSFW, you've been warned:

Resurrection...is... for those who didn't get right... the first time...

So the shit really hit the fan since last we talked... for that you have my many appee-polly-logees... it really is beginning to feel like the Apocalypse out there... I've got 5 weeks before I start back up to school and I feel the need to do some creative shit in them. So stay tuned, I'll be getting this bitch geared up again. In the meantime find us and Like us on Facebook. Stay frosty friends