29 January 2013

It's a Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Well 2013 is off to a much better start than the 2nd half of 2012 was. First off it's 2013, 13 being my lucky number and so far it ain't bad. I've spoken at length about my trials and tribulations as of late, thankfully the worm turned in my favor finally and I've been able to start seeing my kiddo again. Only thing is I'm running on a burnout schedule between work, school, homework, the kiddo and doing anything to make ends meet financially... oh yeah and attempting to have something resembling an actual life.
That said I managed to finally watch a few good movies recently when I can catch a break from all the action lately. Seven Psychopaths, Django Unchained and Cabin In The Woods were recently on  the bill in my living room and they all were fantastic movies. I don't have the time to go into detailed reviews of them currently but all I can say is check them out!
Seven Psychopaths is a great flick from the same directors of In Bruges, so if you're a fan of witty gritty black comedies I highly recommend it.
Django Unchained is Tarantino finally doing an actual old Western revenge flick in his trademark style reminiscent of a Leone style spaghetti Western. Great movie but clocking in at just under 3 hours it is quite the lengthy one.
Cabin in the Woods is not your typical let's-kill-all-the-stupid-college-kids type of movie, it's far more dark and sinister than it makes off to be in the first half hour. It's cliched for the sake of being cliched and for good reasons. Lots of nods and homages to characters, events and creatures that make the horror genre so great in the first place.
So that's all for now folks, I promise I'll find time to go into greater detail on these flicks and I still have intentions on getting some other reviews posted that have been swimming in the depths of my brain for awhile. Until then... ta ta