17 July 2012

What is the difference between justice...and Punishment?

This video premiered at this years San Diego comic-con and if it truly is just a taste of things to come from this series, I'm all fucking for it. This is the character I grew up with right here, brutal, no-bullshit, no-nonsense, ultraviolent and as black and white as they come. Very NSFW, you've been warned:

Resurrection...is... for those who didn't get right... the first time...

So the shit really hit the fan since last we talked... for that you have my many appee-polly-logees... it really is beginning to feel like the Apocalypse out there... I've got 5 weeks before I start back up to school and I feel the need to do some creative shit in them. So stay tuned, I'll be getting this bitch geared up again. In the meantime find us and Like us on Facebook. Stay frosty friends