20 January 2014

The Becoming

I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions since I never stick to them. This year though feels different so far. Things are changing. I'M changing.
For one I'm finally making good on a few of those longstanding goals.
But next month Hannibal comes back to TV again... which brings to mind another favorite of mine...

Besides, what particular body I now occupy is trivial. The important thing is what I am BECOMING. I know that you alone can understand this. I have some things I'ld love to show you. Someday perhaps, if circumstances permit.

Finally getting around to finishing my gear assembly which will be most excellent and adding in a few very special toys I can't wait to show off. Starting back to school has been keeping me busy lately so sorry for the lack of updates but the wheels are always turning.

Hell I might even buy the domain name... never know...