09 December 2011

Heavy deconstruction

Hi all, I know I haven't updated nearly at all lately... I do have big plans here, I plan on reposting my work I've done for the Seattle ZomBcon this past year and I've got tons of material to review, tons of new authors to discuss, lots more zombie related mayhem and I plan on expanding this blog outside my usual postings on the living dead to classic horror and the monster movies that I love oh so much. There will be much retro goodness appearing here too, as is I find myself late to stumble onto things until well after they're done being cool or hold most things nostalgic near and dear to my heart... expect some classic video game reviews, I'll dig out some classic novels and comic books and offer up my opinion on them.
Finding adequate employment in this economy as well as looking after my own demon spawn takes up much of my time but I will try and focus my creative efforts to this project. So if you've stuck with me til now, I appreciate it; just hang tough because from here it only gets better!
I promise!
Your humble narrator,
Shadow Jerusalem
AKA Marshall Popham, the guy dragging his knuckles across the keyboard for your reading pleasure