11 October 2015

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Part III: Dino-cartoons

So having just moved out to a remote part of the country it took a while to get reconnected albeit barely. Suffice to say it put a real stop on anything creative for a time... so finishing off this series of columns was important. Oddly enough flipping channels I came across Denver the Last Dinosaur which I haven't seen in years... reminded me I still had work to do. Without further ado, Part III

So Denver was found by and befriended by this group of kids at the La Brea tarpits and they have adventures like many of the cartoons of the day did.
The one episode that stands out in my mind is when the warring brothers who worked a pizza shack and the other a taco joint finally resolved their differences with a Taco Pizza. Something I need to try sometime

Dinosaucers were a bunch of anthropomorphic dinosaurs,who fought against the evil Tyrannos.
The evil Tyrannos squaring off against the Dinosaucers
I remember loving it when they would morph into their actual dinosaur selves for a brief period usually to duke it out or open a door or something pivotal to the episode. It was weird to me how they tried to divide both teams so equally... a tyrannosaurus rex vs an allosaurus , a triceratops vs a styracosaurus a brachiosaurus vs an apatosaurus etc etc. But it seemed to work!

Dinoriders. What can I say about an ultimate childhood favorite, I mean what else can be said about this:

It's an armored goddamn T-Rex shooting lasers.
Or this epic battle scene
Full on dinocombat. The good Valorians do battle against the evil Rulons who use their evil Brain Boxes to control the dinosaurs to do their bidding. Meanwhile the gentle Valorians simply communicate with their dinosaurian allies using telepathy. The figures were worth it as a kid and I had quite the collection. The pteradactyl trap, the deinonychus (again pre-raptor days) for both Valorian and Rulon. The triceratops, stegasaurus and t-rex fought regularly on my bedroom floor against the might of the apataosaurus and monstrous brontosaurus.
Those were better days
Speaking of! Here's a whole damn season... look at the pencil animation in that intro though! Holy shit!

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