28 May 2015

I Live... again!

Me trying to adult first thing in the morning
Hi everyone, remember me? You know the guy who runs this festering corpse of a blog I call home? Yes I'm still kicking, Hell hasn't found it's vacancy for me yet... on the contrary: I'm thriving... though not creatively as much... though the research papers I've been writing for school have been keeping me busy. But the end is in sight! This Halloween will definitely kick all sorts of ass having freshly graduated by then.
That and everything else in my little life has finally calmed down to a point where I'm getting grips on those energies again.
Considering some tuneups here and there... retrofitting, so to speak... most of what I want to cover has already come out or lapsed into obscurity waiting for me to dig it up again. That and considering we're experiencing something of a resurgence of all things retro... Surge soda has returned, French Toast Crunch came back by popular demand, Frut Brute and Yummy Mummy arose from the dead a few Halloweens ago... that and we're supposed to be able to bask in all the glory that is Kung Fury today (it's after midnight) which seems oddly fitting considering the genre of music called retrowave I've stumbled into.
It'd be a dishonor to not at least mention the awesomeness that was Crypticon last weekend here... greater detail must be gone into tomorrow. But it restored something in me I was lacking... it was a re-synching with my own scene with people that share putting words on paper (screen) and enjoy it. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones and just spending time with people that are like a whole separate family to me is what matters most.
That said special thanks to TJ of Warning Signs as always for being a brother and my proverbial Cryptkeeper into the vault of horror once more and for the gifts, he gave me a personalized autographed copy of Wade Davis' Serpent and the Rainbow... something I've been meaning to actually cover... so with that said I leave with a laundry list of dusty corpses of ideas of things to come:
-All Things Retro! Arcade games, epic noir 80's synth scores, classic 80's cinema

This needs more Hasselhoff

that's better.

this just gives me ideas

-With Jurassic World right around the corner I think it's time for When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth week soon

-100 Years of Nazi Zombies across Time and Space... based on the Black Ops and World At War Zombies
having wasted enough time opening doors, turning the power on, maximizing M1911 ammo, buying perks, passing barely at kiting/training/juking zombies, getting the worst weapons out of the mystery box and Achievement Hunting from World War I on up until the future... which might very well just lead me into more Nazi zombies... Dead Snow... and on... and on... but that's enough for tonight. Sweet dreams and pleasant nightmares freakbags

I leave you with proof of life
Me mugging it the fuck up with the original Wacktards of the Apocalypse Tim Long and Jon Moon

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